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Local BEST Groups

The core of BEST consists of the 95 Local BEST Groups (LBGs) scattered across Europe. They are the factories of our events and homes of our members. There can only be one LBG in each university.

The main activities of a Local BEST Group are organising and promoting international public and internal events and local activities. The latter are generally directed to students of the local university. For instance, some LBGs organise job fairs or company presentations in their universities. Since almost all BEST activities are completely free of charge, Local BEST Groups also need to do fundraising to finance these projects.

All these imply a lot of work for BEST members (or BESTies as we are called). Nevertheless, we acquire a lot of knowledge that will help us not only as future engineers, but also as European citizens. What is more, we have the opportunity to learn about other cultures, make friends all over Europe and have a lot fun.

How to join BEST

In order to join BEST, a BEST Group has to exist at your university. You can find the contacts of all of our groups below.

In case your university is not listed, you can establish a BEST group at your university.

List of Local BEST Groups

The Local BEST Groups can also be viewed on our Map of Europe.

RWTH Aachen University of Technology
LBG Aachen
Aalborg University
LBG Aalborg
New University of Lisbon
LBG Almada
Middle East Technical University
LBG Ankara
National Technical University of Athens
LBG Athens
University of Aveiro
LBG Aveiro
Technical University of Catalonia
LBG Barcelona
University of Belgrade
LBG Belgrade
"Transilvania" University of Brasov
LBG Brasov
Slovak University of Technology
LBG Bratislava
Brno University of Technology
LBG Brno
Free University of Brussels (VUB)
LBG Brussels
University of Brussels (ULB)
LBG Brussels ULB
POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest
LBG Bucharest
LBG Budapest Technical University of Crete (T.U.C.)
LBG Chania
Technical University of Moldova
LBG Chisinau
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
LBG Cluj-Napoca
University of Coimbra
LBG Coimbra
Technical University of Denmark
LBG Copenhagen
Delft University of Technology
LBG Delft
Urals State University of Railway Transport
LBG Ekaterinburg
Ural Federal University
LBG Ekaterinburg UrFU
Arts et Métiers ParisTech
ENSTA ParisTech
Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg
LBG Erlangen
Gdansk University of Technology
LBG Gdansk
Ghent University
LBG Ghent
Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice
LBG Gliwice
Chalmers University of Technology
LBG Gothenburg
Graz University of Technology
LBG Graz
Grenoble Institute of Technology
LBG Grenoble
Aalto University
LBG Helsinki
"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi
LBG Iasi
Suleyman Demirel University
LBG Isparta
Istanbul Technical University
LBG Istanbul
Bogazici University
LBG Istanbul Bogazici
Yildiz Technical University
LBG Istanbul Yildiz
Ege University
LBG Izmir
Kaunas University of Technology
LBG Kaunas
National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
LBG Kiev
Technical University of Kosice
LBG Kosice
AGH-UST - University of Science and Technology
LBG Kraków
Las Palmas of Gran Canaria University
LBG Las Palmas
KU Leuven
LBG Leuven
University of Liege
LBG Liege
University of Lisbon
LBG Lisbon
University of Ljubljana
LBG Ljubljana
Lodz University of Technology
LBG Lodz
Catholic University of Louvain
LBG Louvain-la-Neuve
Lund University, Faculty of Engineering
LBG Lund
Lviv Polytechnic National University
LBG Lviv
LBG Lyon
Technical University of Madrid
LBG Madrid
Carlos III University of Madrid
LBG Madrid Carlos III
University of Maribor
LBG Maribor
University of Messina
LBG Messina
Politecnico di Milano
LBG Milan
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
LBG Moscow
University "Dzemal Bijedic" of Mostar
LBG Mostar
University of Lorraine
LBG Nancy
University of Naples "Federico II"
LBG Naples
University of Nis
University of Novi Sad
LBG Novi Sad
Centrale Paris
LBG Paris Ecole Centrale
Ecole Polytechnique
LBG Paris Polytechnique
University of Patras
LBG Patras
LBG Podgorica
University of Porto
LBG Porto
Czech Technical University in Prague
LBG Prague
University of Iceland
LBG Reykjavik
Riga Technical University
LBG Riga
LBG Rome University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
LBG Rome Tor Vergata
Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University
LBG Saint Petersburg
University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius"
LBG Skopje
Technical University of Sofia
LBG Sofia
Royal Institute of Technology
LBG Stockholm
LBG Supélec
Tallinn University of Technology
LBG Tallinn
Tampere University of Technology
LBG Tampere
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
LBG Thessaloniki
"Politehnica" University of Timisoara
LBG Timisoara
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
LBG Trondheim
Politechnic of Turin
LBG Turin
Uppsala University
LBG Uppsala
LBG Valencia University of Valladolid
LBG Valladolid
University of Pannonia
LBG Veszprém
Vienna University of Technology
LBG Vienna
Vinnytsia National Technical University
LBG Vinnytsia
Warsaw University of Technology
LBG Warsaw
Wroclaw University of Technology
LBG Wroclaw
University of Zagreb
LBG Zagreb
Zaporizhzhya National Technical University
LBG Zaporizhzhya

List of Observer Groups of BEST

Observer Groups of BEST represent groups of students interested in and working towards becoming members of BEST (i.e. becoming Local BEST Groups). They are not official members of BEST.

Observer Group Groningen