Hope to CO² - Empowering a sustainable future

General description

Do you also sometimes get this feeling? Sitting in university and staring out of the window and you think about the wonderful world lying right there to your feet? And then your mind drifts away to melting poles and oceans filled with plastic?

On a daily basis climate change and unsustainable waste management take the lives of thousands of animals and eventually cause the extinction of whole species. Day by day inhabitants of coastal regions fight the steady increase of water levels. Every year weather reports show a steady increase in quantity and intensity of natural disasters like droughts and hurricanes.

What can we possibly do to tackle this issue? Which actions can possibly preserve this wonderful world?

Let´s start with the way of the engineer!

Starting with a solid base of climate research our course will dive into technical and economical solutions for lowering CO²-emissions while providing a sustainable lifetime-management. Don´t miss the chance to not only visit one of Germany´s largest energy research facilities but also to see how you can start right here, right now, improving the sustainability of your university!

We hope to CO² in one of the sunniest cities of Germany to fight climate change this summer.


Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
The participants are selected by motivation letters, answers to the questions and general interest in the topic.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

During the week we will stay at a hostel in the middle of Karlsruhe. For the weekend we will take a trip to a scout center in the Black Forest. It is required to bring a sleeping bag for the weekend trip.
During the event 3 meals will be provided each day at least one of them hot. Between meals snacks will be provided.
Transportation will be provided by public transport and walking.