Have a fun in Robinson's week!

General description

We think, You have heard about the movie "Cast away" and red the Daniel's Deffo book "Robinson Cruso". Isn't it interesting?

We offer You the relevant acctivity to the Robinson's life on the island.

In our activity will be:

* living in wild nature (almost wood, it might be island) for five days;

* food makeing by yourself (of course, with our help);

* fireplaces;

* a lot of beautiful sunsets and sunrises

* a gides, who will teach how to survive in despered situations;

* a lot of water activities;

* wild climing and roup activities;

* wild sauna (You'll never forget that feeling).

Do not worry You'll survive, it will be unforgettable and fun.

Esspecially girls - do not be affraid we have good guies - they 'll help You! :)

The following information will be at the begining of April.

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee: