Advanced civil works for the Olympic Games 2004 : Antiseismic design & construction.

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Olympic Games - "Athens 2004". Greece is facing the biggest challenge in its modern history: To organise the very first Olympic Games of the new miillenium.
The whole country is under massive construction and advanced civil works are build. Patras, the city which is named as the Cultural Capital of Europe 2006, hosts an academic course focusing on how all those public works are made in such a way that operate properly in case of a disastrous earthquake . Learn about the latest priniciples in antiseismic design, emergency planning and on managing the crisis following the earthquake phenomena.
Finally, get the chance to get accustomed with the greek culture and people. Its your chance to visit sunny beaches as well as places and monuments of great historic and cultural interest like Olympia, the place where the ancient Olympic Games were held.
Apply to visit Patras, get the chance to meet us.

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