Private Area, making you dreams of BESTies, Johnny, the departments or giving you nightmares about untraceable proposals and reports? Is this only a tool for current LBG members and BESTies active on the international level? Once becoming an alumnus, Private Area belongs to the past?

No! Private Area is there, also for Alumni! Alumni are welcomed on a page, especially designed for them, containing the information that is most relevant for them:

Of course you can also browse the pages for current BEST members and get a flavour of what is going on now.

Curious to see the new alumni information? Go to Private Area and log in!

Update your profile

Did you think you'd never log into Private Area again? Think again!

The BEST alumni are alive and kicking, and now there's a special alumni section in your Private Area Profile where you can prove that. Take your time to log in Private Area again and update your alumni profile. In this way we'll all be able to stay in touch, get in touch again, and build out the strong network we started when we joined BEST several years ago.

There is life after BEST! And the Alumni Profile is there to keep each other informed, so update yours now!

Find old friends

Remember those times you had in your LBG and all around Europe? Good old times with good old friends, people you met around Europe. Have you lost contact with some of them? Wondering how someone's doing in their life after BEST? Maybe one of your old friends has moved close to your city in the meantime. Maybe you might even be future colleagues. How to find it out?

Our BEST Alumni Network can help you find each other again! Browse the alumni profiles on Private Area of your old friends, start to talk on the alumni mailing list, and who knows, maybe you'll be able to meet again soon on an Alumni Event!

Relive old memories and make new ones, join the BEST Alumni Network and find your old good friends!

New to Private Area?

If you are new to Private Area check this initial guide and start discovering it.