President: Anna HÃ¥kansson - Stockholm
Treasurer: Hugo Ramos - Porto
Secretary: Frederik Habils - Ghent
Vice President - EduCo Coordinator: Pim Bonne - Ghent
Vice President - ITC Coordinator: Stefan Baebler - Ljubljana
Vice President - SPOC Coordinator: Bozo Frajman - Ljubljana
Vice President - TIGro Coordinator: Riinu Lepa - Tallinn
Minerva Coordinator: Andrea Casamassima - Rome
markeTeam Coordinator: Yiannis Zevgolis - Athens

Preparing for the international evening at Presidents' Meeting 2000 in Budapest. From left to right: Andrea, Yiannis, Hugo, Bozo, Riinu (all along), Pim, Anna, Stefan and Frederik.

This year was a "trial period" for Minerva and markeTeam on their way to become committees, as was voted in GA2000. Officially their coordinators were not Vice-Presidents, but they were inside this Board trying out how it is to be a vice-president, and cooperated with us in all board matters. So we were really nine Boardies for the whole year.

The main focus of our year in the Board was on the future of BEST. We aimed to develop an action plan for the future, while at the same time strengthening the international projects and teams of BEST, finding ways to support the LBGs and managing the interaction of BEST with the outside world (companies, universities, European Commission, other organisations, ...). The future of BEST was discussed at several meetings (GMs, ICF, Workshops, ...) and resulted in some possible scenario's for the future of BEST being presented at GA 2001 in Rogla. Our successors were meant to take over and continue the discussions on this topic during their mandate.

Some other highlights during our Board mandate were:

Traditional Board picture with banner at Presidents' Meeting 2000 in Budapest

Too bad our last months in the Board were overshadowed by a rather tricky issue which came up during GA 2001, an issue which caused pretty emotional reactions from several LBGs, the so-called 'country names' issue. Basically it all referred to the question how BEST should call the country north of Greece which has Skopje as its capital. A special country names working group was set up to discuss this issue during the XIV Board's mandate.

Winter Board Meeting 2000 in Tallinn: Boardies at the birthday party of LBG Tallinn