LBG Stockholm has such a long history that the creators of this page could not reach the old dinosaurs who created a Local BEST Group in Stockholm. :) But beside this mystery, there are some facts known by heart.

First Steps

The idea of BEST was born in Stockholm in 1987. The students from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, organised a one week international exchange meeting for students of Mathematics and Physics. There were representatives from 14 European universities. During the meeting an idea was proposed to establish an organisation that would facilitate discussions about international student exchanges in Europe and would gather information about different European universities.

LBG Stockholm is one of the 18 founding members of BEST and has been part of the organisation since 1989. And you know the rest; after 20 years we are still here and going on rocking... :)


LBG Stockholm has the tradition of organising courses in late spring/early summer as it is the end of exam period for LBG members and time to boost the BEST spirit in Stockholm. We more or less organised courses every year since the beginning with sauna parties, gossips and high BEST spirit included. From 1992 to 2008, LBG Stockholm organized 18 BEST courses (this corresponds to 350 students hosted by LBG Stockholm in 16 years). The only time Stockholm broke the tradition and organised a winter course, [There was another course organised in the season autumn98 but it is not really counted as an official autumn season. :)], was in the year 2006, when we organised a hilarious leisure event taking part in Stockholm and Kiruna (north of Sweden inside Northern Polar Circle).

Summer Course 1995 t-shirt and the current President in LBG Office :)

Winter Course 2006 - Kiruna

Beside the courses, LBG Stockholm has also organised many internal events such as Regional Meetingss, trainshops and GA in 2000.

Nordic Meeting,Spring 2007 - Stockholm


In 2000, LBG Stockholm had the honor of organising General Assembly of BEST.The delegates were hosted on Gustaf af Chapman Boat and the plenary took place in the student union building (Nymble).Two legendary parties were organised for the event: the reception at the city hall (in the blue hall where there is the Nobel banquet) and a pool party. Another important thing in GA 2000 for LBG Stockholm was the election of new president of BEST.LBG Stockholm member and the main organiser of GA 2000, Anna HÃ¥kansson, got elected as the president of the XIII. International Board of BEST.

GA 2000 Stockholm

LBG Stockholm - LBG Erasmus

After GA 2000, most of the Swedish members organised this great event graduated or went abroad for studies and in a moment, the LBG almost lost its Swedish identity. That is when the international students studying in KTH became the majority and English became the spoken language in the meetings. Since then, LBG Stockholm is also called as LBG Erasmus. Today the erasmus spirit is still going on as presently we only have 4 Swedish members. :)

Members 2007-2008

Members 2008-2009

Christmas Dinner 2008