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What type of engineer are you and do you have the right skills? – sharing the outcomes of the PREFER project

Session Date: 16 June 2020 at 15:00 CEST


More than 30% of engineering graduates switch jobs in their first year after graduation. To assist young engineers in their career choices, three European universities, industry and other stakeholders in the PREFER Project on the Professional Roles and Employability of Future Engineers developed an engineering model to aid young engineers to find a job that suits them. Three distinct professional roles appeared: Product Leadership - a more innovation-based role; Operational Excellence - a role focused on optimization; and Customer Intimacy - a customer related role. Engineers working in these different roles have a different focus on technology. Moreover, different non-technical skills are required to be successful. Centerstage in this keynote is the launching of the two free tools that were developed as a compass to guide young engineers and students in their choices: PREFER EXPLORE and PREFER MATCH, which allows you to explore your role preference, get feedback on your current alignment with your preferred role, and fine tune your personal development allowing you to carve out your preferred future career path.