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University profile

Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
Chalmers tekniska högskola, http://www.chalmers.se/en/

Contact information

Zip code: SE-412 96
City: Gothenburg
Country: Sweden
Phone: +46 31-772 1000
Fax: +46 31-772 3872

Contact person

Marcus Stenberg
Head of Student Council board
Telephone: +463177222356


Chalmers University of Technology or Chalmers tekniska högskola (CTH), often Chalmers, is a university in Gothenburg, Sweden, that focuses on research and education in technology, natural science and architecture. The THES (2005) ranking classifies it as the top university in Sweden and among the top research schools in Europe. The University has very strong Environmental Science, Nanotechnology, IT, Bioengineering, Industrial Design, Management and Architecture departments.

Learning system

Credit structure

All university study is counted in credit points. Chalmers now follow the ECTS credit system, thus rewarding 30 ECTS for a semester and 60 ECTS for a full academic year.

How to select classes

For Msc students first semester almost all courses are compulsory and given to student by the department. There is a wide range of courses for the other semesters to select from different programmes. For exchange students there is a wide range of choices to select from the different sections. The selection is made by guidance of student centers for exchange students. For Msc students the selection is made in student pages via internet.

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This university has Bologna Process implemented.

Exchange Programmes



This exchange programme includes the following universities:  Aalborg University ,  Aalto University ,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology ,  Tampere University of Technology ,  Technical University of Denmark ,  University of Iceland