Naples EBEC Challenge '17

Event description

"Naples EBEC Challenge '17 - Edition '18" is a new team-competition based on 2-level and on 2 categories: Team Design and Case Study. Both categories are based on interdisciplinary tasks developed for students of technology. The winning teams from this local round progress to the national & regional round.

Team Design:

The Team Design category consists in solving a given technical problem within a limited time. The outcome of the tasks given is a device, that has to perform the needed actions to solve the problem (i.e. Build a machine to transport something, build a ship, a train, a plane, etc. able to do whatever has been asked).

Case Study:

The Case Study category consists of solving a theoretical case, focused on a technical or a management problem. In the end, the teams will give a presentation of the solutions they came up with, evaluating both: the solution given and how they present it.


Event schedule:

- 29th November: Team Design

- 30th November: Case Study



Target universities