WoW World of Woodcraft

General description

Did you know that…

...the world's oldest living tree is approximately 4,600 years old? is often said, that Pink Ivorywood is rarer than diamonds!

...the tallest known tree in the world measures 115.6 m!

Have you also said WOW while reading these facts?

If YES, then you’re the person we are looking for—”WoW. World of Woodcraft” is waiting for amazing characters!

A new chapter of the epic Woodcraft saga is coming. In this course you will learn everything about wood crafting! During 8 days of the course you will be introduced in wood-working, tools and how to use them, you will get information about the heart of Moldova and problems we have, and all together we will try to solve one of them by creating a wood structure.

Take the chance to craft your perfect summer and combine it with discovering of a new country! Join our adventure and find out more about Moldavian culture, traditions and hospitality. Come visit Chisinau and create unforgettable memories along with us. Discover the routes of life during an exciting Weekend Trip and simply have fun with other 21 amazing participants.

Apply to the BEST Course “WoW - World of Woodcraft” and have one of the BEST adventures of this summer!


Academic information

Fields of activity:
Architectural Engineering , Architecture , Civil Engineering , Industrial Engineering , Materials Engineering , Mechanical Engineering , Territory Engineering
Content and topics:
The course consists of two parts. Theoretical part is about site analysis, revealing problems and the project concept. Practical part includes work with wood and tools, while building the final object.
Learning goals and objectives:
Developing the skills of young people in project management based on training and practice in realizing a real project, building an architectural-artistic object for the benefit of the community.
Examination type:
Project presentation and continuous examination.
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter + answers to questions.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

University dormitory.
Three meals a day, at least one of them is hot.
Public transportation + walking.