Lost in Crimea

General description

Are you interested in getting lost for a week around beautiful landscapes with interesting, funny and crazy people from all around Europe?

If yes - continue reading!

If you're courageous enough, here you have the opportunity to spend 4 hot days around Crimea mountains with our cool guides, live in tents and hunt your food yourself with your own hands! (or you can try to persuade orgaNICErs to cook the most delicious stuff for you =P). You will go up the 2nd highest peak in whole Crimea (tinyurl.com/38gwvas)! You will learn how to fight Ukrainian bears and if we finish witj the bears we'll spend free time with games and sport activities. What's more, the mountain waterfall UA-style (http://tinyurl.com/33wyvwq) is waiting for you!

And after tiring but thrilling 4 days in the wild mountains you will go to the Eastern coast of Crimea penincua and spend 3 more days near the sea and under hot but tender Ukrainian sun (cape Satera http://tinyurl.com/2do2oxv). And don't forget about passing by 'hotspots' where everybody is making and selling home made wine (be sure, you'll find your new favourite one here).

C'mon! we are waiting for you here, more than willing to get to know your craziest side, have fun and do all the best to make your week the most memorable you can imagine!!!! (really ALL the best =P)

So if you are not afraid of challenges, if you are ready for staying a week in the middle of nowhere, if you want to experience something new - what are you waiting for? Move your ass and apply NOW!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
ready for physical challenges, open-minded, is okay with sleeping in tents with huge Ukrainian moskitos

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

3 times per day
on foot, buses on some distances. Getting from Zaporizhzhya to starting point of a trip - by train (also covered by organisers)