Ergonomics and Soft-Skills

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Ergonomics and Soft-Skills - Skill me up, Stuggi

Have you ever wondered how some students manage to have obviously lots of free time (meaning waaaay more time than you) for partying, sports, working, traveling and many fun things more, also skip classes often but still get awesome grades?

One answer might be that they are true geniuses, but a much more likely answer is that they know how to work more efficient and with less effort, how to present themselves in aural exams, how to organize and structurize?? the subject for easy studying and how to be time-efficient.

That is what we are trying to achieve during this European Workshop: Help you make your life easier and more fun by improving the way you work, learn and even think.
We, professional Trainers and Company Representatives will teach you about Soft-Skills and Ergonomics and you will gather practical experience in these fields during training sessions and case studies.

You will also see the beauty of southern Germany, experience the German culture in living, thinking, partying, smiling and drinking and also meat many cool people from all over Europe.

Interested? Then don't hesitate and apply to spend an amazing time in one of the most awesome places to be this fall.

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Youth Hostel
3 meals a day
public transport