Incredible adventures of Europeans in Asia: let's meet the Sun [EVENT CANCELLED]

General description

NOTE: - This event was cancelled due to unforeseen conditions which made it impossible to guaranty the quality standards of a BEST event -

Autumn, city, grey walls, narrow streets... Everywhere you go, you will see the similar picture. Do you know this feeling, when wind is blowing into your face, green-yellow-red trees streak off around you, and your friend rushes you towards the Sun. Have you ever dreamt about nomad lifestyle? What do you think about visiting a fairy tale? Our story will start in Asia, on the land of real nomads, in greatest city Ufa. All 5 days you will do horse riding aroud the South Urals mountains,rivers and beautiful lakes. Also you will dive into russian culture, learn secrets of traditional firecooked food and herbal tea with tasty honey and berries and feel difference between "black banya" and "white banya" :) If you are ready to make an incredible adventure, crossing Europe-Asia border, meet the Sun 5 hours earlier than all your friends, get power before coming back to the big cities for studying. And have the best colourful photos from magic fairy tale places.

Information for applicants

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Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student dorm, camping during active part
Student hall, firecooked food.
Buses Horses :)