Architectural evolution: The city of Chania through the Ages.

General description

During this course we will have the opportunity to witness the ever-changing figure of a city whose history spans through the ages. As Ancient Kydonia turned into the medieval forted city of Chanea, the later would soon present us the modern city of Chania.

By following this never-ending process of change in Architecture, we will bring ourselves head-to-head with the various factors that contributed into the creation of the mosaic of styles and architectural forms, still visible in the old city of Chania. Historical, cultural, social, and economic.

The course will include not only classes but also visits to places of specific architectural interest,close to the city of Chania. Furthermore there are going to be leisure activities, visits to the tropical beaches of Crete, a visit to the Palace of King Minos in Knossos and also an adventurous crossing of the famous Samaria Gorge.

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