Quality - The Best Way to Reach Success

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Quality?! It can be defined in many ways. During our course we will take care about quality in production and management, as well as quality in commercial life.

In commercial life quality is important in the sense that a product or a service needs to meet the demands of the consumer, such as the usability, the durability or the ability to repair.

Moreover, what one person considers quality is sometimes not good enough for others.

One the other hand in business life quality assurance is the system used to guarantee quality.

Quality assurance are all the planned activities that are necessary for the product to gain confidence in the requested quality standards.

During our summer course, we will find out what are the five standards of quality assurance? What are the quality standards in commercial life?

How we will learn about this? By attending the factory visit with the fantastic, practical lectures, cases ect. prepared by the professors of our university, as well as by the top world leading companies.

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