The Energy Dilemma

General description

WHAT IS BETTER? Gas or biofuel, hydrogen or electric energy? Have you ever wondered what sort of fuels run the world?

Why is everybody talking about electric, but nobody about hydrogen-powered vehicles?

Do you know how fuels affect our everyday life and the environment?

If these are the questions you want answers to, then don’t hesitate - just apply to our BEST Online Course - The Energy Dilemma!

Spend a week learning about different types of fuel: how they are made and where they are used. Reflect on the past and see where the future of the fuel industry is headed. We guarantee that, after this course, you will know more about fuel than an average Croatian knows about football (which is quite a lot). Besides, you will get a chance to connect and exchange your views and ideas with students from various universities across Europe, all while staying at home.

Zagreb is waiting for you!


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Motivational Letter, answers to questions

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