It's surfing, baby!!! Catch the sun! Dive the fun!

General description

Do you want to see how blue is the Black Sea? Do you want to feel the relishing enjoyment of being on a camping? Do you want to sleep under the sparkling blue sky? Do you want to have fun and party on the golden sands round the camp fire with a guitar in your hands? Do you enjoy hearing the fascinating sound of the waves while cycling? Have you ever tried canoeing? Do you want to learn how to surf and feel the roar of the waves? Do you want to see shiny little fishes swimming around you? Do you want to feel the delightful touch of a gentle breeze, coming off the sea?

And last but not you want to be the life and soul of the crazy parties and to be over the moon with the hot and crazy LBG Sofia?

We know what you did last summer! And we know what you will do this one! Are you ready for this summer? Are you ready to fly over the sea?

If the answer of all these questions is ?YES?...then go for it! Come and spend 10 epically awesome days on the Bulgarian one of the most magnificent camping sites - Arapya! Clap eyes on it, learn and have fun ..but wait...are you sure you are ready for you think you can handle it...Dare to come, ride it towards the sunset and party till sunrise ?

It's surfing, baby!!! Catch the sun! Dive the fun!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
We will select 25 participants on their motivation letter, their great answers to our questions, crazy spirit and we will try to keep diversity between countries.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Tents on the beach/forest
Small Restaurants on the beach
Public transport, Private bus