Surviving the 21st century - Global menaces and technical solutions

General description

Global warming, deforestation, greenhouse-effect, decreasing ozone-layer, growing population, progressively increasing energy demand… A serious responsibility and pressure on the human population of the information society.
The global menaces require global solutions and worldwide cooperation.
Is the hi-tech human society capable to effectuate the vicious circle of sustainable development and bequeath a natural, human environment for the generations of 22nd century?

Participants in our summer course will obtain a general overview on the global problems of our development and the possible solution ideas to achieve the sustainable development. The future energy sources such as renewables and fusion power will be also presented.
In what kind of buildings will our grandchildren live and in what kind of cars will they drive? Is it worth to believe in living in passive houses and having cars with hydromotors in their garage?

As a motivation letter for our summer course we are expecting short essays (appr. 200 pages*) to describe how they imagine human life, environment and technology in 2050. Every original idea is welcome non-regarding if it is optimistic or pessimistic and how far from the reality is. Lectures and professional visits are useful for students at all fields of study.


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