Greenland: Solving Technical Problems in an Arctic Region

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Have you ever seen majestic whales and playful seals in the water in front of you, bison oxes and reindeers grassing in dark green valeys, the dramatic shift between glaciers and blooming fields or an iceberg being born from a huge glacier? This is just a few of the breathtaking experiences we can offer you, because most of this course will take place on the world’s largest island. The course’s main goal is to introduce the problems engineers meet when they have to work in an arctic environment. How do you built a house or a road when the ground is shifting between frozen and unfrozen? How do you ensure a stable water supply when the ground and all surface water freezes? How to handle the environmental and psychological impacts the change of a 5000-year-old hunter culture living in perfect pact with nature into a modern society? Besides the days on Greenland (which also includes a 3 day survival trekking in mountains and on glaciers), we will have 5 hectic days in the metropolian capital of Denmark. A one in a life time opportunity. Don't miss it!

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