Corporate Responsibility Management

General description

Business is business, cruel and harsh. You have to strive to get the maximum profit out of the resources you have, no matter what the consequences are. Right?

Well not exactly. There comes a time when you have to think about the consequences that result from the decisions made. The task falls down to the management that has to supervise and create guidelines for the company's actions as a part of the surrounding society.

This is where our course comes into picture. During these two weeks, you'll learn about sustainable natural resource use, corporate environmental management, corporate social responsibility and other current topics of the field.

There are no formal requirements for participating in this course. It's however recommended that you have some sort of basic knowledge about industrial management, at least an idea how companies function.

The course takes place in a beautiful campus area surrounded by woods and parks. Finland isn't all about snow and ice, you'll get to experience the Finnish summertime with the long bright days. Guaranteed polar bear sightings - in a local zoo.. :-)

We will try to lower the requested fee (hopefully to zero) when new sponsors come along.

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