Industrial Ecology

General description

Industrial Ecology is one of the most interesting challenges to our

industrial society of modern times, as it involves a fundamentally new way

of thinking, both to companies, government, markets, consumers and NGOs.

Materials, products and the products' function are the centrepiece of

environmental performance, and should be evaluated in a life-cycle

perspective. Process and product design, cleaner production, product use

and reuse, and materials recycling, are key efforts along the value chain

that should be understood and optimised as a whole. Environmental

management systems and tools will have to address such needs. The concept

of eco-efficiency will have to be explored, and made use of in systems on

micro and macro levels. Industrial ecology is motivated from methods and

knowledge from ecology, aiming at more sustainable solutions in the

industrial and economic system of society. The BEST summer course in

industrial ecology will introduce such issues by a set of lecture sessions,

combined with several workshop sessions where students are to discuss and

explore consequences in practice, as well as industrial field visits.

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