How I met my mother Earth?

General description

I had a dream last night...

I'm trapped on a space ship leaving the planet Earth in a quest for a new life outside our galaxy. The arrival is estimated in 54 years 3 months and 7 min Central European Time.

As we are leaving the Earth's ionosphere, we see the last news from our devastated planet on screen. Death and hunger are just the last in the series of catastrophic disasters. Half of the living species are already extinct, including plants and bacteria. The concentration of CO2 is increasing every hour and people are drowning in rivers of garbage and dangerous pollutants. In despair I start thinking: "When did this begin? How could this possibly have happened?"

Then I suddenly woke up and it just dawned on me: "Am I gonna let this happen to our only home? Or is it time to change something, starting with every single individual?"

Following my morning routine I'm about to check my emails when I realize: "Every network search causes kilos of CO2!"

I continue with turning on my cell phone when it crosses my mind: "Their production creates tons of CO2!"

Then I take my car keys, to go to college, and am suddenly illuminated: "I have a bike in my garage."

On the way I meet a friend and he tells me: "There is a summer course in Ljubljana dealing with climate changes. They will tell you what you can do yourself, and how technologies can help us to save our planet and live in a better world."

All these topics will be discussed right in the heart of Europe. Ljubljana, a city that never awakes (because it never sleeps), that is small (yet very big), that is young in heart (and with magnificent history), is a place you will need a lifetime to forget.

Academic information

Content and topics:
Learning goals and objectives:
To promote a "green" way of life and to give insight in the methods of acquiring it
Examination type:
Interactive presentations in groups.
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

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Motivation letter

Practical arrangements

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Youth hostel, dormitory
3 meals per day
public transportation, cars and foots :)