Game ON: From Theory to Practice!

General description

It all started with von Neumann and Morgenstern half a century ago. Their "Theory of Games and Economic Behavior" gave birth to a whole new area of mathematics. Game theoretic concepts and multi-agent simulations are now being successfully employed by many modern scientific disciplines like biology, computer sciences, economics, historical research, mathematics, physics, sociology, etc. and have led to a wide range of new insights.

During these two weeks you will be introduced to present social and socio-economic situations, computational simulations and experiments in addition to the basic game theoretic concepts. However, attendance makes sense for students of almost all disciplines, as one of the goals of the course is to become acquainted with a new point of view on situations of strategic interaction between individuals, i.e. to understand that almost every situation of individual interaction is strategic.

So get ready for two weeks filled with dilemma (sleep or party?), socio-economic situations and the BEST participants and let Vienna's flare overwhelm you just as it has been doing it for centuries!

Join us and let us, BEST Vienna, show you our strategy to work hard, party harder!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Basics of Game Theory Selected Game Theoretic Models Applied Game Theory - Selected Classroom Experiments (Auction Theoretic / Economic) Basics of Computational Social Simulation Introduction to Agent-Based Computational Models (espec. Socio-Economic) Selected Computational Models / Conduction Experiments using Computational Simulations (using Netlogo)
Learning goals and objectives:
The students should gain an understanding of the topics mentioned through theoretical lectures and practical laboratories.
Examination type:
Final Exam, probably a multiple choice test
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
We will select participants based on their motivation letters and application questions.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

You will stay in a hostel in the centre of Vienna. During the weekend trip you will probably be accommodated in a cottage.
Cooked by our lovely orgaNICErs :) Three meals a day will be provided, at least one of them warm.
Public transport, walking.