Bar Sky Wave: running through Catalonia

General description

Do you think that Catalan is a kind of Spanish dialect? Do you think that

Catalonia is just Lloret de Mar or Salou? If both answers are ?yes?, then you

definitely need to apply for this summer course!

Are you fanatic about Gaudí buildings, Barcelona nightlife, Catalan cava and

modernistic buildings? Do you already know everything about Catalonia, (maybe

more than the locals)? Then, this event is also ideal for you!

During the course you will enjoy Catalan lessons, sun, Port Aventura (amusement

park), sun, a cava brewery visit, more sun, funny parties... and all of this

during the major party of Barcelona, the Merce! The Merce offers you the

possibility to go to live concerts, and to taste everything than can be done

here but with a greater atmosphere.

So, here comes your first lesson... BAR-SKY-WAVE is the English translation for

the Catalan BAR-CEL-ONA, be ready to spend here the most unforgettable days of

your life!

(we are trying to make fee be less than those 150 Euros, 150 Euros is a maximum).

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee: