Mobile & wireless communications: towards an Information Society

General description

The rapid import of the communication and information technologies in our life, has involved important changes in the way we conceive the social and economic reality around us. New social challenges, expectations for better future, occasions and possibilities are now opened up in a world, in the limits of which the virtual substance of things tends to replace the material world that composes the current reality. Today, man is in the centre of development, or not, depending on the degree of familiarization with the applications of digital technology and one's capability to incorporate these applications in each aspect of his daily life, work and elsewhere.

Our summer course, aims to inform on the running scientific developments in the sector of mobile and wireless communications, while also presenting the research activity that develops the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of Patras' University and make more widely known, commercial products and applications that take advantage of the results of laboratorial research in the above mentioned sectors.

Imagine all that, on a highly-attractive-package: 15 days during summer holidays in Greece. Explore with us the nearby region -day and night- visit sunny beaches, ancient sites, importand monuments, crowded night-clubs and taste our world famous wines.

Grab the chance of your life and join us in Patras!

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