''Have you ever put your life in hot WATER?''

General description

If yes and you want to do it again or if it will be your first time this summer we are the experts to help you.

Both the academic and social part of the schedule is formed by totally craze people,members of the LBG Thessaloniki,the drink team of the Aristotle University,people who are ready to drive you craze and to organize an unforgettable WATER SUMMER COURSE.

Our teachers are going to teach you everything about the WATER.Some of the topics are:Fuzzy future,water resource management,economics,CIS,environmental protection,continuous educations,groundwater,measure and telemetry,river mechanics+water works...and of course two experts will recount us several Greek myths about water.

What are you going to see here?

Apart from one of the most beautiful Byzantines cities full of monuments and the most famous student city in Greece(more than 140.000 students!!),we are going to visit dams,hydro electrical power stations,famous Greek vineyards,archaeological monuments,ohh and of course we are going to spend unique moments by the beautiful blue Greek sea...!!!

Are you ready or are you afraid?

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Practical arrangements

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