Internet and Business: a Fata Morgana ?

General description

The Internet-Business-connection seems to be the Walhalla nowadays. But is it truly? Or is it just a gigantic bubble of soap ready to explode? You wanna find out? Come to Ghent, the city everybody wants to return to, and you'll get to know the whole story behind it! Some general theoretical trivia (What is Internet? How to create a catchy website? How to secure it?) will be given. But more important: some case-studies in cooperation with real-life companies (in which they illustrate their specific approach of Internet & Business) will give a realistic view of the subject.
The course is one thing, the socialising another! Ask around and get overwhelmed by the attraction of our city! Cantus, traditional pubcrawl, night-kajak, brewery-visit, famous Belgian chocolates and beer,...

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