Astronomy - Discovering the Universe

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Have you ever wondered if we are alone in the Universe? What is the age of our Universe? Are we in a closed Universe? Are there other Universes? Why are all the planets different? Do they all have different seasons? Do they all have day and nights? Do they all have moons? When did the solar system formed? These are just a few questions that you will be answered in our spectacular Summer Course 2002. For that purpose we invited a scientist (for lectures) and a party man - our summer course organizer (for parties). In the 15 days in Lisbon you will visit the most important places in this beautifull city, like Belém, Expo 98, São Jorge Castle (with a magnific view to Lisbon),ect..., along with a sunny and hot well as the nightlife in Lisbon. You will gain acquaintance with Bairro Alto people, as with several bars and famous discos through your staying in Lisbon. I must warn you that you will have NO time for sleeping... I dare you to apply for this crazy Summer Course...but the consequences could be Amazing Summer!!!

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