Remember how your BEST friends would help you discover their cities, find good places to stay or eat and find out new and cheaper ways to travel from one place to another? Well, their help can now be of even more importance for your life now - they can help you develop your career!

How? BEST Alumni are professionals working in all fields, with tons of experience and lots of contacts - have you ever thought of using their help to learn more about working in a certain area, or even in a certain company? Did you wonder how others included their BEST experience in their CVs to show managers they were the right person?

And what about the other way around? Don't you feel like sharing your views on how your BEST experience can contribute to the daily work of all us? Aren't you willing to help a young BESTie who just graduated to find his/her way?

The BEST Alumni Network strives to help all BEST Alumni in their career - with the huge potential we have together, we can make any individual grow and achieve his/her goals.

Make the Alumni Network useful! Find out who works in your field, in the company you want to work in though their personal profiles in Private Area! Share your experiences and thoughts in the mailing list or through the AlumniTimes!