LBG Zagreb can be grateful for its existence to students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, who decided to start BEST in Zagreb in 1998. Because of further initiative, BEST Zagreb was officially registered as organisation in 1999.

Back in 1998, students from Zagreb were participating on GA in Cluj-Napoca. Then Zagreb got Observer membership status. Thanks to Ivan Petrovic and his participation as a guest on Ljubljana SC in summer 1998, next year on GA in Lisabon, LBG Zagreb presented its plans for growth of local group and has become Baby Member, and LBG Ljubljana was chosen to be their nurse. In June, Zagreb gathered Founding Assembly and was officially registered as student union named "Bratstvo Europskih Studenata Tehnologije - Zagreb". Later on in October 1999 LBG Zagreb had successfully organised its first Workshop.

In spring 2000 Zagreb BESTies organised CE with Budapest. Because of being so initiative, motivated, and successfully organising events, LBG Zagreb has become Full Member of BEST during the GA in Sweden in 2000. Same year in August they organised its first Summer Course "B-connected (New Technologies in Telecommunications)".


Some of our events

GA 2006

Christmas 2007 and CE with Reykjavik 2008

And more photos


In 2009 we celebrate 10th anniversary of LBG Zagreb.