The Beginning

BEST Valladolid started when 3 friends decided to organise an unofficial Spring course in 1993.

In GA 1994 in Timisoara, BEST Valladolid became baby member of BEST, having LBG Barcelona as its Nurse. During the next summer, the first Summer Course took place in Valladolid.

The group became each month more active and strong and during GA 1996 in Tallinn, the LBG was voted as Full Member of BEST. More challenges and different events were organised: Cultural Exchanges, Courses, Internal Events. The result was, an even stronger LBG with more members and well known in the University.

In 1999, the LBG went a step forward. In order to improve the fund-raising methods and to give more services to the students looking for a job, the First Jobfair was organised...with a name that nowadays is well known in the University: FiBEST.

The Dream

Years of work, organising events such as CEs, Courses, Jobfairs, Motivation Weekends, Trainshops, Engineering Competitions and every imaginable event, the motivation of the group was far from 2006, after dreaming with it for some years, we took the BIGGEST Challenge of our short history: We were voted to organise the XIII BEST Presidents' Meeting.

One Year later, the event became a reality and 200 people from all over Europe came to our city to help BEST to improve, to discuss about European Complementary Education, to work for the students of our Universities. The event entered the short history of BEST because there, the Visual Identity of BEST was changed.

The Future

Far from going downslope since that summit, the LBG keeps facing new challenges (BESTspain, hosting a LEC and NEC for the first time...), and finding new ways to motivate its members.

The aim of the group is to have fun as we work, and to work while we have fun, improving our own skills and developing the students around us.

As an old friend said some time ago...the secret of our success is:

To Work as we Play :)