XVII board (a.k.a. the Flowers) were:

Angela Scaueru (Vice-President for Internal Education)
Eva Sturtewagen(Secretary)
Giorgos Athanasopoulos(Vice-President for Complementary Education)
Gregoire Toussaint (Vice-President for PR and Marketing)
Joao Rei (Vice-President for Educational Matters)
Miha Pelko (President)
Panagiotis Isigonis (Vice-President for Career Support)
Stefan Hallez (Treasurer)
Vilius Benetis (Vice-President for Information Technology).

XVII Board of BEST, also known as flowers. From left to right: Vilius, Gregoire, Eva, Giorgos, Stefan, Angela, Panagiotis, Joao, Miha

We were many, and thus had heaps of fun. Proof - we still meet regularly. But we are also very mean and we didn't want anybody else to have so much fun again, so we facilitated the reduction of board members from 9 to 6.

Some of our contribution to history of BEST are the following (achieved or coordinated by us):