Our Birth

In 2000 after a group of students from our Technical University decided that Iasi needs something new, we became Observer Group Iasi, beeing invited to President's Meeting 2000 in Budapest. From that point on we started getting busy, helped by our nurse LBG Timisoara. We were a handfull of people.

Finally in 2002 after the General Assembly in Paris we became a LBG, a Local BEST Group and what followed was a period of growth, development and energy to offer the students in Iasi a BEST way of life.

It all started when one of our Universities' former students when to a BEST course and discovered what BEST is, and how big its dedication is for the students from the technical universities in Europe. This student, Anca Minican, along with 4 other students from the technical university , Daniel Minciuna, Dragos Rugina, Victor Addnann, Petru Avram, signed the birth of our LBG in Iasi.


From giving each other presents with along the school year, and organizing surprise birthday parties; from singing our special songs, to taking care of our new recruits literally like our own children, traditions in BEST Iasi never seem to fade away. But by far our biggest tradition is when we all gather around to form a circle and we dance and jump together to Simply the BEST , by Tina Turner.


When we think at where we were at the beginning, talking about events and number of members, having now a full agenda every year and having every day the possibility to see how so many today are involved and dedicate part of their time for LBG Iasi can be considered a big achievement. We were the first LBG to ever organize a 2 week Symposium on Education in the Summer of 2008, but when it comes to events we consider all of them equal because they all offered us unique moments in our lives:

9 Summer Courses

8 Job Fairs

5 Best Engineering Competitions (BEC)

4 PcParties

3 Technical Festivals ENGAGE! (a combination between a BEC and a PcParty)

2 Comedy Festivals

2 Cultural Exchanges , and,

4 International BEST Events

...many more still to come


Currently we are 50 beautiful, energetic, willing to raise the standards , members in our LBG. From these 50, 5 are in our board that consists of a President, Irina Carbune, a Treasurer, Vasile Juncanariu, a Vice-President for Public Relations, Razvan Ghica, a Vice-President for Human Resources, Mihai Caruntu, and last but not least our Secretary and IT/C Responsible , Costantin Lazurca.

All our ongoing projects and more information about us you can find on