eduKEYtion- One KEY to rule them all!

General description

“One KEY to rule them all, One KEY to find them,

One KEY to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…”

-Local BEST Group Ankara

But where to find the key? The answer is the capital of Turkey: Ankara! If we got your attention, we have a couple of questions for you:

• Do you want to feel the real Anatolian spirit in a metropolitan city of 5 million people?

• Do you want to experience the perfect combination of Turkish hospitality and BEST spirit?

• Do you want to swim in the sea of kebabs, döners and Turkish delights?

• Do you want to grab the KEY and open the doors of education in the BEST university in Turkey?

If your answer is “HELL YEAH!” , hit the apply button now and cross your fingers!

Furthermore let’s be honest: Haven’t all of us felt sorry for our high-school teacher who couldn’t make the class silent? Haven’t you sometimes felt that you have absolutely no communication with your professors during the lecture?

What if we provide you the environment where you can express your ideas about the current education system without limits?

With this event what we offer you is the unique chance of actively contributing to making the European Higher Education System better by giving input about what should be improved / done differently in many debates and discussions. If this seems a bit overwhelming, fear not – you won’t do this alone! You will be in contact with experts on the topic and embark this journey with students from all around Europe, with all sorts of different backgrounds.

Apart from all these cool stuff, we offer you…

• BEST memories and stories to tell your grand-children (or better not!)

• Unlimited Partying! (special parties of BEST Ankara… expertise and knowledge of a bunch of brave men and women who made a lot of sacrifice and worked hard so many sleepless nights…)

• Some surprises

• A unique opportunity to broaden your horizons

• And friendships to last forever exceeding the distances…

If you are as excited as us to be a part of this event, then you are gladly invited to our “eduKEYtion” this autumn from September 13th to 21st in Ankara! That being said…

“Don’t be shy, just apply!”

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter, answers to questions, interest in topic

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Hostel or University Dormitory
School canteen, prepared by organizers; three meals per day, at least one hot meal
University shuttles and private busses